How JOOL Works

Motivation From the Inside Out

For thousands of years, purpose in life has been seen as a fundamental motivator of positive, life-affirming human behaviour. Now, a growing body of evidence is uncovering the powerful connection between purpose, motivation, behaviour change, and high-performing organisations. Despite this, at present purpose is largely little more than an industry buzzword. Not at JOOL.

Purpose is the Human Engine

At its core, JOOL is designed to fuel users’ energy and willpower to help them maintain a more impassioned and consistent alignment with their purpose.

To make this happen, the JOOL app engages each user across five key areas of behaviour: sleep, presence, activity, creativity, and eating (S.P.A.C.E.), along with two other areas of focus of each user’s own choosing. Employing proprietary algorithms, dynamic predictive models, and machine learning, the JOOL Insights Engine delivers personalised tips, guidance, insights, and support users can draw on to achieve and sustain powerful life improvements.

The JOOL individual model
the jool insights model

JOOL is the Insights Engine

Our proprietary JOOL Insights Engine has been developed from the ground up in collaboration with our partner, Booz Allen Hamilton. With recognised world-class experience in machine learning, predictive modeling, data analytics, and security, the company brings a wealth of knowledge acquired through its efforts working on behalf of numerous governmental agencies.

As thousands of additional users are added to the data set, JOOL’s predictive precision will continue to rise. Currently, 57% of our forecasts are within 10% of users’ actual chart, and 89% of forecasts are within 30% of our users’ actual chart.

The aggregate data is then delivered through JOOL Vibe, our customer dashboard. Program administrators are provided with a wealth of data and insights to make decisions on high value issues.

Why Is JOOL Different?

Starting with JOOL’s initial product launch in 2016, we have recorded fundamental and sustainable positive behaviour changes in JOOL users beginning in as little as 10 days. This quantum behavior change fuels meaningful engagement as well as improvements in many other areas of life. Users are also frequently more receptive to change and resilient in the face of adversity and stress — two factors known to negatively influence well-being and productivity outcomes.

Where the standard curve shows a gradual swing upwards followed quickly by a collapse into old patterns and ruts, the quantum curve reveals a rapid upward shift that sticks — even continuing to build over the longer term.

Data from all JOOL users shows that positive improvements across almost every factor we track closely mirror the curve shape for quantum change — a significant upswing in positive change with continued improvement out to 30 days and beyond.

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