The JOOL Platform

A Purpose-Driven Life Coach

Precision Support for Positive Change Within 10 Days

JOOL is a mobile and web-based personal life coach that can help your population achieve lasting, positive change – for many, within the first 10 days of use. It’s a daily reminder of what matters most and a constant companion on the path to greater performance and well-being.

Powered by machine learning, JOOL delivers dynamic and highly personalised guidance, tips, insights and science-backed messages. It helps users find and stay aligned with their authentic life purpose, while performing at increasingly higher levels in all areas of their life. The JOOL journey towards being the best version of one’s self begins with a simple question:

“What do you want to work on?”

personal life coach

Right away, users choose their focus and then receive a personalised, 10-day plan for making positive change.

Personalised Tips, Feedback & Guidance

Each day, JOOL users receive a batch of highly tailored, witty, and accessible short messages called Daily JOOLs. Designed to help users effectively pursue and achieve their goals, Daily JOOLs provide personalised support based on what the user is working on, how they’re doing, their background, preferences, local environmental conditions, and more.

The JOOL Model

The JOOL personal life coach model is built on the science-driven recognition that positive change across multiple behavioural factors leads to a more profound and lasting life improvement. This insight informs each JOOL user’s journey through our design of tailored, sequential, and cumulative experiences that stack mutually supportive layers of positive change one atop the other to stimulate and extend individual and team growth over time. This diagram depicts the initial 10-day journey of a JOOL user who has chosen to work on improving their sleep.

Personal Life Coach Experience

JOOL has a rapidly evolving set of uniquely engaging and effective tools that guide, reinforce, and support each user on their path towards greater fulfillment across all aspects of life. Here is a look at some of JOOL’s core features.

Get the most from your dynamic, personal life coach, JOOL, with daily “Things To Do.”

Check off the changes you’ve committed to. Consistency rules when it comes to positive change.

A powerful “what-if” calculator – uncover what life changes will have the most beneficial effects on your well-being.

Predict the highs and lows of your days, while receiving personalised tips on days when you could use an extra boost.

A series of in-depth digital workshops ready, whenever you are, to help you master key life skills.

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