The JOOL Platform

A Comprehensive Engagement Toolkit

Various examples of marketing collateral designed to maximize population level engagement with jool

JOOL Reach hosts frequent in-depth workshops and webinars, offers numerous co-branded promotional materials, and provides many other kinds of direct support to help our customers drive passionate engagement across their diverse populations.

Maximise participation and engagement

A powerful performance platform is only as good as the number of lives it impacts. JOOL’s focus on engaging users’ intrinsic desire for positive change affords us a huge advantage in capturing the imagination and participation of diverse populations. But there is still the need to introduce JOOL and encourage initial use. JOOL is habit-forming, but every habit takes time to fully develop.

Implementation strategies and materials

To ensure success, JOOL has developed a suite of activities, materials, and tools to assist in driving improved performance and overall well-being throughout your organisation. Our client service team supports each sponsoring organisation with promotion and is available to assist with customisation when needed. Here is a sampling of the promotional support we often provide:

Engagement Emails

Customisable launch and sustain email campaigns help customers drive and build interest and continuing participation.


JOOL staff lead in-depth workshops on a variety of JOOL-related topics from Writing and Owning Your Purpose to Stress Management.

Online Webinars

Workshop presentations broadcast for consumption by a larger population set.

On-Device Notifications

JOOL has built-in capabilities to engage users via notifications, Daily JOOLs, and reminders.

Promotional Campaigns

JOOL’s designers and creatives are continually developing fresh, engaging campaign print and digital collateral materials that be easily co-branded and deployed across internal communication channels.

Before and After Surveys

Customisable surveys let you benchmark initial behavioural metrics and then assess progress via follow-up inquiries.

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