Purpose + Technology + Data Science =

Organisational Performance

Organisations with an authentic and effectively communicated purpose create meaningful work for employees and experience greater innovation. They are strong competitors, fortified by a workforce aligned around a shared purpose, ready for whatever today brings. Utilising breakthrough technology and data science, JOOL helps cultivate, align and effectively communicate a genuine organisational purpose to maximise its benefits.

Benefits of JOOL for Organisations

Longterm Financial Growth

Better Promotion for Diversity & Inclusion

Improved Ability to Navigate Organisational Change

Alignment of Vision and Purpose

Advanced Innovation Capabilities

Greater Employee Retention

Enhanced Employee Experience

Streamlined Communication Process and Procedures

graph illustrating accelerated growth for companies that have a strong purpose

Create Financial Growth Through Purpose

The authors of the groundbreaking book Firms of Endearment conducted an investigation into companies that are fuelled by purpose and passion. They found that companies with a strong sense of purpose perform better than companies solely focused on returns. In fact, much better. Over a period of 15 years, the average cumulative return of the 22 publicly-traded Firms of Endearment outperformed the S&P by a factor of 14.

Source: Firms of Endearment

Stay Aligned With JOOL

It isn’t enough to simply and clearly articulate purpose. Purpose must be effectively communicated and activated across your organisation to gain the benefits from it. JOOL addresses this by providing organisations with a tool to discover, measure and promote an authentic purpose in JOOL Vibe and the ability to influence alignment in your population through our JOOL App.

Source: EY Beacon Institute

Graph illustrating the disconnect in purpose alignment among leadership
Graph illustrating the difference in preventive office visits between JOOL users and non JOOL users

Purpose-Fuelled Change in Action

In an analysis of JOOL users performed by Truven Health Analytics (now IBM Watson Health), a 45% increase in preventive office visits was observed. This increase is in stark contrast non-JOOL users, whose participation in preventive care stayed flat. A workforce that is invested with their purpose, own well-being and quality of life is an outcome that will lead to a more engaged and resilient workforce.

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