Building a Thriving Workforce

How does purpose drive performance for organisations and employees? A thriving workforce is composed of individuals encouraged to be their best selves—both professionally and personally—by a supportive organisational culture. JOOL synthesises breakthrough science on the impact of purpose with advanced technology and data science to provide organisations with the tools necessary to create, support, and maintain an inspired workforce that is high performing in all areas of life.

Our breakthrough solution creates positive outcomes in the following critical domains:

For Organisations

Diversity and Inclusion


Employee Experience and Retention

Navigating Organisational Change

Alignment of Vision

Financial Performance

For Employees


Meaningful Work

Life Balance


Overall Well-Being

Energy and Willpower

Purpose is the Foundation

Would you be surprised to learn there are hundreds of studies on the positive impact purpose can have on employees and organisations? These studies on purpose have shown improvements in resilience, recovery and post-traumatic growth, emotional well-being, self-care, physical health, improvements in job satisfaction, increases in energy and willpower, and more. To learn more about these studies, follow the link to download our e-book The Science Behind JOOL: Purpose.

Organisational Performance

The future of organisational performance is a culture centered around a shared purpose. A workforce that is fully engaged with meaningful work leads to balanced lives and contributions of individual energy, willpower, and resilience to form a sum greater than its parts. Learn how JOOL can help make this vision a reality for your organisation.

Thriving Employees

JOOL’s Insights Engine helps your employees realise significant positive behaviour changes in as little as 10 days. JOOL’s personalised guides are designed to ignite the energy and willpower required to drive better performance at work and a more meaningful life overall. And as one area of life improves, a cumulative effect begins to take shape.

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