Purpose + Technology + Data Science =

Thriving Employees

A purposeful employee is a high performer at work and a central component of a thriving workforce. They are better able to maintain focus during periods of disruptive change and complete objectives in the face of stress. JOOL keeps purpose front and center in the lives of our users, generating motivation and energy from within for all of the dimensions of their life–personal, family, work and community.

Benefits of JOOL for Employees

Greater Life Balance

Decreased Role Conflict

Stronger Resilience

Receptivity to Change

Creation of Meaningful Work

Increased Creativity

Reduced Risk of Burnout

Better Overall Well-Being

Graph illustrating the change in life balance for a JOOL custome

JOOL Users Have Better Life Balance

A JOOL customer was in the midst of a major merger and acquisition. In this challenging environment, JOOL was able produce a significant improvement in life balance for JOOL users by promoting purpose and positive behaviour changes. Life balance is a strong indicator of job and life satisfaction, employee engagement, resilience and overall productivity.

The Cumulative Effect of Purpose

A randomised controlled trial demonstrated that JOOL creates stronger purpose alignment in life, improving individual well-being and key factors such as energy, willpower and stress management skills, as well as overall mental and physical health. JOOL users’ increase in overall well-being factors (23%) was nearly twice that of the non-JOOL users (control group). The study also revealed a statistically significant increase in presence and creativity.

Graph illustrating JOOL users increase in overall well-being factors was nearly twice that of the non-JOOL users
illustration about how a singular focus leads to negative outcomes while balanced focus results in positive outcomes

The Intrinsic Benefits of Balance

Passion is something we all seek in life. To be truly committed and immersed in the pursuit of goal that transcends the norm. In a landmark study, Robert J. Vallerand, Ph.D. was able to demonstrate that passion comes in two varieties. One variant is a singular and hyper-focused passion that is focused on achieving a goal at all costs. The second is a balanced passion, one that cultivates a wholesome, balanced pursuit of achievement across multiple dimensions, is just as effective in reaching goals, while also reducing role conflict and burnout. This is why JOOL users are encouraged to create alignment with multiple areas of their life (work, personal, family, and community) in order to promote a healthy, balanced pursuit of achievement.

The work of Robert J. Vallerand, Ph.D. can be found by clicking here.

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